Medium Depth / Deep Sea Multi Beam Echosounders

The ATLAS HYDROSWEEP range of multi beam echosounders is purpose designed for survey to depths beyond the continental rise into the abyssal plains and down to the deep ocean trenches. The HYDROSWEEP family consists of a number of product variants depending on the required operating depth:


Suitable for operations from 6 m to 6 000 m the ATLAS HYDROSWEEP MD operates at either 50 kHz, or at 30 kHz and provides a swath of up to 10x the water depth (157°). The ATLAS HYDROSWEEP utilises high-resolution reception beamforming techniques to deliver an angular resolution that can be configured to meet customer requirements (e.g. 1° x 2° x 2°).


A beamforming multi beam system suitable for surveys from 10 m to 11 000 m. Operating at 15.5 kHz, the ATLAS HYDROSWEEP DS is optimised for deep water. With a bathymetric swath width of up to 5.5x water depth (140°) and side scan imagery swath of 7.5x water depth, the ATLAS HYDROSWEEP DS can survey large areas of deep ocean sea floor accurately and efficiently.

High Order Beamforming is one advanced feature employed in the ATLAS HYDROSWEEP DS to guarantee the best possible sonar performance in all conditions.

The ATLAS HYDROSWEEP DS can be tailored to meet each customer's requirements. Standard product variants cover hard-beam configurations of 1° x 1° to 2° x 2°.